About us


HeadHunter Ltd is an innovative SME, with aerospace background, who acts into the following fields:

  • Robotics/UxVs(UAVs, USVs, UUVs, UGVs), inclusive Solar UAVs/USVs/HAPS UAVs;
  • Robotic applications  (atmosphere/ocean/land/infrastructure monitoring, precision agriculture/forestry/aquaculture/fishery,  Law Enforcement, ISR, Robotic Coast Guard, etc.);
  • Renewable energy(wind, solar);
  • Aquaculture – Solar Submersible Robotic Fish Farms, logistics vessels, sensors, automations, etc.;
  • Fishery – a new fishing technology, environment friendly, who reduce the fishing costs and the by-catches;
  • Boomerangs – design and manufacturing;
  • Business Consultancy  (EU Calls & national R&D/other projects, robotics(UxVs), precision agriculture/forestry/aquaculture/fishery, renewable energy, re-engineering, investments, taxes, HR) ;
  • HR (head-hunting, R&S of personnel, personnel assessment/training/outplacement/leasing, HR Outsourcing/Consultancy/Audit).

At request, we can develop different military robotic systems(Robotic Coast Guard Systems,  Combat UAVs/USVs/UUVS/UGVs, Counter UAVs systems, Kamikaze drones, etc.).

We like the challenges and to win, providing genuine customized solutions, over the-State-of-the-Art.   

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