EU projects & Business Consultancy

Contact us, if you want:

  • – to access Romanian funds, to develop your business, applying at different Romanian programs, for: PNRR, start-ups/SMEs, agriculture, aquaculture, renewable energy, IT, services, commerce, tourism, etc.;
  • – to access European Union funds, applying at different EU Calls;
  • to import and/or export different products and services;
  • to invest into agricultural land/forestry land/farms/factories/renewable energy/aquaculture/creative start-ups, etc.;
  • to incorporate a company or a joint-venture, into an EU country, with low taxation;
  • to improve the efficiency of your company, through our re-engineering services;
  • to develop a robotic business(UAVs, USVs, UUVs, UGVs) and need both engineering and business consultancy or a Manufacturing and Sales License;
  • to develop a business, into the HR field or to buy an HR Franchise.
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Our participation, at international exhibitions:

    GITEX, UAE  

InterGeo, Germany


Cap Digital, Paris

Bucharest, Romania

Leonard Business Center, Paris

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