‘HeadHunter UAV systems
  • Flight demos, for our latest HeadHunter VTOL UAVs:

’HeadHunter’ UAVs(unmanned aerial vehicles)

UAVs – 2nd/present generation – VTOL, hybrid:

‘HeadHunter’ VTOL UAV,  3.5m/E    

Composite airframe, electric engine
Wingspan: 3.5m
MTOW: 21kg(11kg dry weight)
Payload: max 10kg(1.5kg sensors + 8.5kg batteries)
Sensors: at request
Endurance: up to 3h
Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/unlimitted, with satcom and/or GSM 4G/LTE )

Note: Hybrid propulsion version, 3.5/G-E(gasoline+electric), with 5+h endurance, is available, too, at request!

Multi rotor UAVs – customized, at request: 

with 2+h endurance, up to 20km RF flight range/unlimited, with satcom and/or GSM 4G/LTE, for LE/ISR.

with very big payload(50+/100+kg), for different applications(drone delivery/cargo, aerial taxy, etc.)

UAVs -1st generation – fixed-wings, multi rotors:

‘HeadHunter’ Twin-Boom UAV, 4m/G    

Composite airframe, gasoline engine, with EFI
Wingspan: 4m
MTOW: 35kg(20kg dry weight )
Payload: max 15kg( 5kg sensors + 10kg(13l) fuel)
Sensors: at request
Endurance: 8h
Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/unlimited, with GSM 4G/LTE and/or satcom)
Note: Electric engine version(4m/E) and VTOL version are available, too, at request!

‘HeadHunter’ Twin-Boom UAV, 6m/G

Composite airframe, gasoline engine, with EFI
Wingspan: 6m
MTOW: 45kg(22kg dry weight)
Payload: 23kg(13kg sensors +10kg(13l) fuel)
Sensors: at request
Endurance: 8.5h, for 13l internal fuel tank (up to 20h, with 2x13l external fuel tanks!)
Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/ unlimited, with GSM 4G/LTE and/or satcom)
Note: Electric engine version(6m/E)  and VTOL version are available, too, at request!

UAVs – 3rd/next generation, starting with 2022-2023:

Our next generation by UAVs will be Solar and disruptive, proposing new UAV concepts, with improved performances:

– Solar VTOL UAVs, hybrid and multi rotor types – 2022:

Sun on Sky+2h endurance, unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus 100+km RF.

Note: We intended to launch the first Solar UAV, by multi rotor type, at Global level.

– Solar VTOL UAVs, fixed-wing type – 2022:

24+h endurance, unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus 100+km RF.

– Solar VTOL HAPS UAVs – 2023:

it is intended to be the first Solar VTOL HAPs UAV(High Altitude Pseudo-satellite UAV, with vertical take-off and landing), at Global level, with 3 months-up to 1year endurance/deployment and unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus100+Km RF.

Note: under development, testing and patenting – no pictures available, for now, sorry!

’HeadHunter’ USVs(unmanned surface vessels)

USVs –-1st generationbathymetry

USVs – 2nd generationLE/ISR

USVs – 3rd /next generation(2022) – Solar USVs, for persistent Sea/Ocean monitoring, Coast Guard, Search&Rescue.

For Bathymetry, ready for customization           For LE/ISR

Customized USVs/robotic boats,

for Bathymetry, Law Enforcement, ISR, Sea/Ocean monitoring, Coast Guard:
1) ’HeadHunter’ Bathymetry USV: 1.8m lenght, for bathymetry applications, 2m/s minimum sonar speed, 15m/s max speed, up to 15h endurance@sonar speed, up to 10Km RF navigation range, 10kg payload, customized at request, with single/multibeam echosounder, RTK GPS, other air, water and camera sensors.

Note: a bigger version, by 2.4m length, 30kg payload, 24h endurance and up to 20km RF navigation range is available, too, at request.
2) ’HeadHunter’ LE/ISR USV: 2.4m lenghts, for Law Enforcement/ISR missions, max speed 50+km/h, 24+h endurance, up to 20Km RF/unlimited navigation range(with satcom), 30kg payload.

3) ’HeadHunter’ Solar SOM USV, for Sea/Ocean persistent monitoring(1+ year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.

4) ’HeadHunter’ Solar CG USV, for Coast Guard(1+year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.

5) ’HeadHunter’ Solar SAR USV, for Search&Rescue on Sea/Ocean (1+year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.

’HeadHunter’ UUVs(unmanned underwater vehicles) – customized for different applications/missions, both tethered and untethered – at request.

’HeadHunter’ UGVs(unmanned ground vehicles) – customized for different applications/missions – at request.

Renewable energy:

wind – small windmills, with almost 2x times bigger efficiency than other windmills’ efficiency;

solar – CSP, TSP, quick building system of positive/passive/nearzeroenergy houses/shelters/greenhouses, solar heating system, solar cooking system, solar sea water desalination, hybrid(offgrid-ongrid) 3/5/10/15/20KWh PV systems, with/without solar trackers.


We intend to cutt-down 25%, from the costs involved in Aquaculture, through our innovative concepts by:

Solar Robotic offshore Fish Cages

Solar Submersible Cylindrical Fish Cages

Solar USVs, for logistics

Robotic antifouling systems

Sensors, automation, sustainable food, etc.


A new fishing concept/technology, environment friendly, who reduce the fishing’s costs and the by-catches.


Real returning boomerangs, both Aboriginal and modern shapes, designed, manufactured and flight tested by a passionate aerospace engineer, with warnings, throwing instructions and a troubleshooting matrix on the label, which will help you obtain perfect returns, in up to 10 minutes by practice.

We can develop almost any other shape, for advertising campaigns, with client’s logo on it, at request.

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