‘HeadHunter UAV systems
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’HeadHunter’ UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)

UAVs – 2nd/present generation – VTOL, hybrid:

‘HeadHunter’ VTOL UAV,  3.5m/E    

  • Composite airframe, electric engine
    Wingspan: 3.5m
    MTOW: 21kg(11kg dry weight)
    Payload: max 10kg(1.5kg sensors + 8.5kg batteries)
    Sensors: at request
    Endurance: up to 3h
    Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/unlimitted, with satcom and/or GSM 4G/LTE )
  • Note: Hybrid propulsion version, 3.5/G-E(gasoline+electric), with 5+h endurance, is available, too, at request!

UAVs -1st generation – fixed-wings, multi rotors:

‘HeadHunter’ Twin-Boom UAV, 4m/G    

  • Composite airframe, gasoline engine, with EFI
    Wingspan: 4m
    MTOW: 35kg(20kg dry weight )
    Payload: max 15kg( 5kg sensors + 10kg(13l) fuel)
    Sensors: at request
    Endurance: 8h
    Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/unlimited, with GSM 4G/LTE and/or satcom)
    Note: Electric engine version(4m/E) and VTOL version are available, too, at request!

‘HeadHunter’ Twin-Boom UAV, 6m/G

  • Composite airframe, gasoline engine, with EFI
    Wingspan: 6m
    MTOW: 45kg(22kg dry weight)
    Payload: 23kg(13kg sensors +10kg(13l) fuel)
    Sensors: at request
    Endurance: 8.5h, for 13l internal fuel tank (up to 20h, with 2x13l external fuel tanks!)
    Flight radius: at request(10 -100+Km RF/ unlimited, with GSM 4G/LTE and/or satcom)
    Note: Electric engine version(6m/E)  and VTOL version are available, too, at request!
  • Multi rotor UAVs – customized, at request: 
  • with 2+h endurance, up to 20km RF flight range/unlimited, with satcom and/or GSM 4G/LTE, for LE/ISR.
  • with very big payload(50+/100+kg), for different applications(drone delivery/cargo, aerial taxy, etc.)

UAVs – 3rd/next generation, starting with 2023-2024:

  • Our next generation by UAVs will be Solar and disruptive, proposing new UAV concepts, with improved performances:
  • – Solar VTOL UAVs, hybrid and multi rotor types – 2023:
  • Sun on Sky+2h endurance, unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus 100+km RF.
  • Note: We intended to launch the first Solar UAV, by multi rotor type, at Global level.
  • – Solar VTOL UAVs, fixed-wing type – 2023:
  • 24+h endurance, unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus 100+km RF.
  • – Solar VTOL HAPS UAVs – 2024:
  • it is intended to be the first Solar VTOL HAPs UAV(High Altitude Pseudo-satellite UAV, with vertical take-off and landing), at Global level, with 3 months-up to 1year endurance/deployment and unlimited flight range(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE), plus100+Km RF.
  • Note: under development, testing and patenting – no pictures available, for now, sorry!

’HeadHunter’ USVs(unmanned surface vessels)

  • USVs –-1st generationbathymetry
  • USVs – 2nd generationLE/ISR
  • USVs – 3rd /next generation(2022) – Solar USVs, for persistent Sea/Ocean monitoring, Coast Guard, Search&Rescue.

  • For Bathymetry, ready for customization           For LE/ISR
  • Customized USVs/robotic boats,
  • for Bathymetry, Law Enforcement, ISR, Sea/Ocean monitoring, Coast Guard:
    1) ’HeadHunter’ Bathymetry USV: 1.8m lenght, for bathymetry applications, 2m/s minimum sonar speed, 15m/s max speed, up to 15h endurance@sonar speed, up to 10Km RF navigation range, 10kg payload, customized at request, with single/multibeam echosounder, RTK GPS, other air, water and camera sensors.
  • Note: a bigger version, by 2.4m length, 30kg payload, 24h endurance and up to 20km RF navigation range is available, too, at request.
    2) ’HeadHunter’ LE/ISR USV: 2.4m lenghts, for Law Enforcement/ISR missions, max speed 50+km/h, 24+h endurance, up to 20Km RF/unlimited navigation range(with satcom), 30kg payload.
  • 3) ’HeadHunter’ Solar SOM USV, for Sea/Ocean persistent monitoring(1+ year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.
  • 4) ’HeadHunter’ Solar CG USV, for Coast Guard(1+year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.
  • 5) ’HeadHunter’ Solar SAR USV, for Search&Rescue on Sea/Ocean (1+year/deployment, unlimited navigation range(satcom)) – at request.
  • ’HeadHunter’ UUVs(unmanned underwater vehicles) – customized for different applications/missions, both tethered and untethered – at request.
  • ’HeadHunter’ UGVs(unmanned ground vehicles) – customized for different applications/missions – at request.

Renewable energy:

  • wind – small windmills, with almost 2x times bigger efficiency than other windmills’ efficiency;
  • solar – CSP, TSP, quick building system of positive/passive/nearzeroenergy houses/shelters/greenhouses, solar heating system, solar cooking system, solar sea water desalination, hybrid(offgrid-ongrid) 3/5/10/15/20KWh PV systems, with/without solar trackers.


  • We intend to cutt-down 25%, from the costs involved in Aquaculture, through our innovative concepts by:
  • Solar Robotic offshore Fish Cages
  • Solar Submersible Cylindrical Fish Cages
  • Solar USVs, for logistics
  • Robotic antifouling systems
  • Sensors, automation, sustainable food, etc.


  • A new fishing concept/technology, environment friendly, who reduce the fishing’s costs and the by-catches.


  • Real returning boomerangs, both Aboriginal and modern shapes, designed, manufactured and flight tested by a passionate aerospace engineer, with warnings, throwing instructions and a troubleshooting matrix on the label, which will help you obtain perfect returns, in up to 10 minutes by practice.
  • We can develop almost any other shape, for advertising campaigns, with client’s logo on it, at request.

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