Services & Software

Our Services:

  • Robotic Coast Guard services, at a fraction of your costs;
  • Conceptual design, design, manufacturing and testing of different robotic systems(UAVs, USVs, UUVs, UGVs), both civilian(Atmosphere/Ocean/Land/Infrastructure monitoring, precision agriculture/forestry, aerial topography, etc.) and military(Combat UAVs/USVs/UUVs/UGVs, Counter UAVs; Loitering ammunition UAVs, etc.).
  • Composites manufacturing, for UAVs, etc.;
  • At request, we can supply third party robotics equipment and materials, for your projects(electric engines, gasoline engines, EFI(electronic fuel injection), propellers, flight controllers, datalinks(satcom, GSM 4G/LTE, long range RF), EO RGB/zoom color cameras, IR cameras, multispectral cameras, camera turrets(with target tracking), ADS-B, AIS, safety parachutes, composite items/materials, show drones systems, show lasers systems, robotic aquaculture submersible fish cages,  robotic fishing systems, Dyneema nets, etc.).                                             
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Our Software:

’HeadHunter’ GCS App

Optimized GCS(Ground Control Station) App, for Android devices, developed for our UAVs.

What can we do for you? (Contact us)